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FMA, lol!

fandom + funny = alliteration and awesome.

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A community!

Fullmetal Alchemist is a interesting, thoughtful series full of solemn moments and truly conflicted characters. However, it's fans are completely crazy and create and find some crazy-ass stuff for it. So if you have something funny, crackish, ridiculous, or anything that will give us a giggle, this is the place to post it. Even better to those who just like laughing at their fandom. Go ahead and join, however, communities all need


1. You can post just about anything- it can be the doodles you made in class, an inadvertant reference from somewhere, a crack fic, or even a video of your FMA action figures. It only has to relate to FMA and be funny.
2. Let's remember to keep it mostly clean. Nothing too adult-- just keep it below NC-17. If it is below NC-17, but not for those easily squicked or annoyed, put it under a cut!
3. Respect, y'all. If something isn't all that funny, then don't say anything. Others might think it's funny, you just might think differently. However, if it really isn't funny, I might have to delete it.
4. No pairing wars! I will not have it. You can go whatever way on here, if something is funny in the yaoi, yuri, or het part of the fandom. Don't get on someone's case if they decide they like RizaRoy, HavocEd, or WinrySchezka. It's mean. Rar.
5. No spamming. One post a day, or at least within reason. If you can put all your Fullmetal hilarity in one post, I will give you my love.
6. Just because the rule isn't here doesn't mean it's wrong. If I forget something and it's definitely not right to do, then don't think you're getting away with it. Most of everyone knows common courtesy, so use it.
7. Have fun. At least that's what they told me at summer camp.

Say hi to your mod, tomiko_the_muse. I am thinking of adding other mods who can help a girl who cannot watch every single thing that goes on. If you think you're qualified, drop me a line and tell me why you think you'd be a wonderful mod.

Got questions? I'll give you an answer at tomiko the muse on AIM or tomiko_the_muse@yahoo.co.uk